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New Jersey Criminal Defense

Any criminal charge has the potential to change your life, and your initial decisions can have huge consequences down the line. It's important that you engage experienced counsel as early as possible.

With offices in New Brunswick, Dressel/Malikschmitt LLP represents clients in nearly every criminal setting in New Jersey, including municipal court, state court, and even federal court. We can assist you through all steps of the criminal process from arraignment, case analysis, pre-trial motion practice, and even trial, if it comes to it. If your matter requires criminal appellate work, our partners have experience in that as well.

Indeed, as a former Assistant Prosector on behalf of the State of New Jersey, current Municipal Prosecutor, and former federal law clerk, Dressel/Malikschmitt attorney Christopher Malikschmitt brings a particularly unique skill set to defend your criminal case at each and every turn.

If you are facing criminal charges in New Jersey, we encourage you to contact Dressel/Malikschmitt for a free, confidential consultation.

Criminal Defense

Criminal Representative Matters

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