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Criminal Financial Offenses

Criminal Financial Offenses

  • Client—a non-citizen—was successfully admitted into a two-year diversionary program after being indicted for extremely serious money-laundering and theft offenses, including first-degree racketeering and second-degree theft charges, among others. Client’s program admission was without any admission of guilt, and thus ensures that their record is clear and free of immigration consequence upon successful completion of the program.

  • Client indicted but the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office for theft of over $12,000 from nonprofit employer resolved for diversionary program enrollment after client cooperation with prosecution and substantial presentation of evidence to the prosecution.

  • Client with previous criminal record for multiple possessions of drugs on school property, aggravated assault, unlawful possession of a weapon and soliciting prostitution resolved an accusation of theft of over $2,500 with probation.

  • Advised client facing potential theft and money laundering charges in connection with illicit funds moved through their bank account. To date, no charges have been brought.

  • Client indicted for five counts of theft-related offenses relating to fraudulent bank account scheme resolved with admission into PTI.

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